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February 20th: Winter sunset
February 07th : Western competition
January 08th: Happy New Year and Merry Cristmas!
December 19th: The first snow
December 3rd: The last day of Autumn
October 18th: Sunnyday
September 5th: Zorka the Show jumping Star!
Plushka"s jumping
July, 29th: hot summer
June 13th: Avanpost and Mozhayskoye Sea
May, 25th: Blossom
May, 9th: Best wishes for the anniversary of the victory in World War II!!! What a sunny day!
April, 4th: Here comes Spring
On March, 8th: I congratulate all of you with a spring!!! Here is banket , the selected Plushki have been invited.
On February, 22nd: the Frost and the Sun - the day is wonderful!
on January, 7th: I Congratulate all with New 2009 and Christmas!!! Christmas sunset
on November, 20th: slade-show of my life as horse-owner.
on October, 11th: small photosession
on October, 5th: The simple autumn day.
on September, 25th: Zorka with Mashkoj - two friends.
on September, 6th: we prepare to the Trail:о).
on August, 31st. On a new place in the "Complete".
on August, 11th. Last days summer odarili a heat. ah, here all the summer long would be such.:о ((
on May, 26th. Here also year Zajchinsky was executed!!! He lives and prospers in Bryansk. Thanks to cares of its mistress Ani and Svety выглядит it is smart!
June 8th. Zenit decides to be a dressage horse
May 26th. The new creature came to this world. Zorka became Mom!!!!!
May, 9th. New looks of pregnant Plushka.
April, 18th. How i bought my horse.
March, 1st. Congratulations to everybody for the first Spring Day!!!
January, 28th. A frost and the sun, what can be more wonderful! Details in my Diary
December, 25th. Merry Christmas and as a gift - Christmas wallpapers!!!
December, 13th. Has added many wall-papers for a desktop.
December, 9th. Here's promised photos , sorry for quality.
December, 4th. Plushka already grows roots on a new residence in "Zarechye". Photos will be later, for now - with successful crossing!
October, 22nd. Autumn photo session. .
September, 27th. Pages of links to Veterinary pages and Forages are updated.
September, 9th. Today Birthday of Club " Mustang "!!! I Congratulations to all members of The Club!
August, 31st. I congratulate all on a holiday Flora and Laurels! I wish you and yours horses health and success!! Today it is impossible to work, even a bridle to put on.
August, 20th. The short report under charges newly appeared horse owner. Tremble, people dreaming to buy a horse.
August 11. New stories of Plushka in my Diary.
August 9. New photos of softy-candy-cake.
August 3. So, I became the owner of the Horsy! More in the Diary . And here I've looking for the horse of dream for 3 months.
June 19. New links Equi-tourism in Russia.
June, 1st. Translation of equestrian therms to Russian is at the new page and here.
May, 24th. New pages in Diary.
May, 10th. I congratulate you on Great Day of the Victory in Second World War! There are new pages in Diary and photos in "Mustang" .
April, 18th. Has added a little bit photos in "My hobbies" , ancient 80 on 'BITSA'.
April, 12th. Has updated links on online translators which help me with work, may be you need them too.
 horses are galloping

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