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The first meeting with the Horse has occurred, as banal, in village: the cattleman, uncle Petja has placed me on wide as a sofa back of Gordyi (or Bystryi, uncle Petja all time was confused), and I have become crazy about horses for a long time, now, as I understand, for all life. Then there was a hire on the Hippodrome, after Olympiad - Bitsa, but I was accepted in sports group and I have filled up numerous numbers of girls in a stable. It is 1981, Ugryumov's Yenisei in the championship of the USSR.
However, every summer it was arranged on Bitsa with the groom if carried, not in school table, but in a sports one. 1985, it is the Obruch from 5-th stable, very quiet gelding.
And it is Aachen, still absolutely very young but already loved to bite & chew all what he saw.
The institute and distribution to the North have for a long time removed my dream. But here now crisis of middle age, probably, has come, and I two times a week master difficult, almost impossible (because of my pitiable physical condition) art of driving in balance with a horse
 horses are galloping

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