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October 5, 2008
I"ll tell about a simple autumn day. Here such kind opens at the approach to "Complete"
Than we pass by a pond, and come into The stable.
Today work has begun with elastic bands.
Effect from them - shaking. Zorka is so soft, under them becomes the softest.
Also that the most important thing, she has started to rise in gallop from an unloved foot!! After work we went to landings to be photographed.
Here Zorja is similar to the present horse of Ilia-Muromets.:о))
And so, during photosession she tried not to miss any leaflet by a mouth.
Then the hairdresser"s salon has been arranged, and Zorja I have taken a form of "a sports horse".
We went home, and girls went to fields.
 horses are galloping

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